Our official statement on the Covid-19 outbreak:

The Health and safety of our clients and their guests are our #1 concern during this difficult time.

We have been offering to postpone an event vs cancellation.

As many know the cancellation of a wedding or event can be very costly to couples, and organizers especially when they have already paid deposits etc.

We have been moving events and transferring everything over to a new date that is available.

If it’s a Cancellation all together and nothing can be done to postpone then the non-refundable deposit/retainer is still non-refundable based on contract and you have 1 year to reschedule if they would like as a courtesy.

Very difficult times for everyone just have to hang in there.

I hope all our clients, guests, and vendor’s stay safe out there and that this ends soon.

God Bless everyone and God’s Speed