Choosing a Professional DJ for Your Event

Five Reasons To Hire A Professional DJ for Your Event

There are many events in your life that are “once in a lifetime”. Weddings and college graduation parties, as well as anniversary parties, come to mind. When celebrating these events, you need a professional DJ to handle the music.

A DJ does more than pop in a CD. They are the life of the party! This is one area of your party where you do not want to skimp. Everyone knows someone with a sound system. But that does not mean they are a DJ! Here are the top five reasons to hire a professional DJ.

Your DJ sets the mood of the event.

He is your master of ceremonies! He represents you and entertains your guests. He sets the energy level and excitement with the fast dances and winds it down for the slow romantic songs. The entire evening; your DJ is setting the temperature of the night. He will know when to pick it up and when to let it stay mellow.

Everyone has a buddy or uncle that has a pretty good sound system. There is a reason why we choose a pro. Do you want to hand the microphone to your buddy that has just finished off a six pack and had a fight with his girlfriend this morning? Do you trust your Uncle NOT to entertain the crowd by telling them about the time you were three and swimming naked in the fountain at the mall?

Hire a professional who will keep the party flowing with entertainment and great music.

It Works Because You Both Have Something To Lose.

This night will never come again. You get it once and you want it to be special. A professional DJ understands this. He also has something to lose. He wants your business and the business of everyone attending the event. Everyone there is a potential client. They too will have life events and will need a DJ. He wants their business as well as yours, so he will put his best foot forward in order to be remembered.


Musical equipment is expensive. You want to use a professional that carries his own liability insurance in the event of the equipment being lost, stolen or damaged. A professional has good sound equipment and he knows how to take care of it. That is not something you will want to be concerned with on your special day.

Your Choice!

You get to decide how he will present himself. His presentation should be in line with the event. If you are having a formal wedding with a formal reception, you do not want a DJ that shows up in biker gear playing selections from The Best of the Grateful Dead. If your reception or party is laid back you may be happy with a mix of modern music and if you are celebrating your parents 50th anniversary; some old big band music is appropriate. Whatever it is and however you want it; it is your call with a DJ.

Peace of mind

When you make your arrangements with a professional DJ, you can rest assured that your desires are carried out. Like the other business professionals you hire for your event, your DJ will deliver.

You may still end up with Uncle Bob showing up in a blue leisure suit, but he will not be holding a microphone and spinning records from the ’70s.

If you’re planning an event soon and are looking for a Party/ Event Planner to take the stress off you can contact us and we will be happy to help and make your event one that will be remembered.